Why A Level 2 Accredited Electrician is Different from Your Average Electrician

Leve 2 Accredited Electrician

Why A Level 2 Accredited Electrician is Different from Your Average Electrician

Safety is paramount when it comes to electricals, and a slight electrical error, like poor wiring, loose power switches, or even malfunctioning ground fault circuits can put you at risk of losing your lifetime investments or loved ones.

Most of the time, people usually contact ordinary electricians to fix electrical problems, however, hiring a Level 2 electrician might be your best choice.

In this article, we will shed light on why you need a level 2 electrician in Milperra, the services they offer, and what differentiates them from normal electricians.

Level 2 Electrician – All You Need to Know

Who is a Normal Electrician?

A normal or standard electrician is one you see in your house or workplace when you need repair and maintenance for your electrical system. They mainly repair loose power switches, install or repair ground fault circuit interrupters, replace a faulty wiring system and repair blown-off circuits. Average electricians also come in handy when you have an emergency in your house. With their training and licence, they can be able to conduct an inspection and let you know what the problem is.

Who is a Level 2 Electrician?

A level 2 Electrician, betting that you have already guessed, has more qualifications than an ordinary. These skilled electricians have undergone vigorous training and can safely handle dangerous jobs that involve working with high-voltage electricity.

They can operate in your home, business and electrical supply network and are capable of managing connection/disconnection from your community’s main power supply line to install, fix or upgrade any complex metering device. Here are the services you could expect once you call a level 2 electrician:

Smart Meter Installation

If you don’t want to be paying electrical bills without knowing how they round up, you need a meter. Be it in your workplace or home, this electrical component is unavoidable. That said, you will need a level 2 electrician to help install the meter.

Once they step into your home or workplace, they start by assessing the site to ensure that there is proper wiring. Next, they configure the meter for accurate readings and test its functionality. Emergency level 2 electricians also come in handy when you need repair and maintenance for your meter. So, don’t hesitate to call them if you need such services.

Disconnection and Reconnections

As mentioned earlier, Level 2 ASP also works with electrical supply networks, and this is one of the services they offer when working with them. They help disconnect and reconnect the power supply for various reasons.

For instance, if there is a safety issue like a short circuit in your home or workplace, the electrical supply network will have a level 2 electrician come to disconnect your power. The same applies if you have not paid electrical bills and utilities. The Level 2 electricians will disconnect your power on behalf of the electrical supply network. Now, level 2 electricians are also the same guys that reconnect the power back once everything that contributed to the disconnection is sorted out.

Power Upgrade

Do you frequently have overloading issues? If yes, a power upgrade might just be the solution you need. If you need the job done right, you need to hire a level 2 electrician. They are trained to do any type of power upgrade. Whether you are upgrading from a single-phase setup to a 3 phase upgrade, there is nothing these guys can’t handle. They are well-trained to change the wiring system, helping you increase your output and allowing for safe, high usage levels.

Cable Repairs

With most cables being exposed to the environment, it’s pretty easy for them to get damaged by extreme conditions, including high temperatures. Also, due to the continuous usage, the cables are prone to wear and tear over time. Such cables can be risky if they are not attended to ASAP. However, with Level 2 electrician Bankstown, they can quickly and swiftly repair such issues, restoring safety to the home or business.

Underground and Overhead Power Supply

Power supply in your home or workplace can be done in one of two ways – The underground or the overhead. Both methods came with their advantages and limitations. Underground power supply typically involves passing cables underground and vice versa for the overhead. Instead of the cables passing underground, they pass overhead with the support of electrical poles.

Now, depending on your preferences and power supply needs, a level 2 electrician can recommend the type of power supply that would work best for you.

How to Get In Touch With a Quality Level 2 Electrician in Bankstown?

Sometimes it can be tricky to find a trustworthy level 2 electrician around your area. If you don’t want to have shoddy workmanship, it’s best to take your precious time and have a look at each level 2 electrician presented to you. Apart from their qualifications, what do previous clients say about them? Do they have good reviews? Do they have a good reputation? If you check all of these questions right, you can proceed to invite them to your home and business.

Now that you know the difference between an average electrician and a level 2 electrician, it is important to give them a call once the above electrical issues occur in your home. Your safety is only a call away.

At AJB Electrical, we have well-trained level 2 electricians who can handle any electrical issue quickly and safely. We take pride in delivering exceptional services; thus, no job is complete until our customers are happy with the results. If you need emergency level 2 electrician services, feel free to give us a call, and our friendly team will be on the site in no time. Contact us today and optimise your safety!

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