How to Know When to Call an Emergency Electrician

How to know when to call an emergency electrician

How to Know When to Call an Emergency Electrician

An unexpected blackout in the middle of the day is a major inconvenience – it can disrupt a well-planned schedule in an instant.

With most of us relying on electrical devices and appliances to work or live a comfortable life, it’s hard to get past even an hour without electricity. How do you make calls or browse the web if your phone battery dies? How do you reheat last night’s leftovers without trusty electrical appliances? With no power, nothing is straightforward, and thus, it’s a must to ensure that your electric systems are working safely and efficiently.

Below, we have listed 5 signs to help you know when to call an emergency electrician before you experience a power outage or electric fire in your residential or commercial property.

5 Signs You Should Get in Touch With Your Local Emergency Electrician

Big Sparks When Plugging Electrical Appliances

White or yellow sparks are the biggest red flags that you may have electrical problems in your property. Now, it is essential to note that a small spark is dangerous, especially from appliances drawing a lot of power. However, a big yellow or white spark that lasts for more than a second indicates that you may have a damaged outlet, moisture in there, loose connections, or overloaded circuits.

Scheduling an appointment with a level 2 electrician can help resolve the underlying problem, restoring safety in your home. Immediate attention should be paid if you experience smelly sparks followed by smoke. Such sparks can cause electrical fires; the outlet at the circuit panel should be shut off before the emergency electrician arrives.

Frequent Power Breakouts

We all have been there at some point in our lives – that moment when we are catching up with our favourite show but keep experiencing frequent power interruptions. It’s not that there are power outages in your residential area; it’s just that your circuit breakers are tripping because you have a severe problem with your electrical wiring.

Faulty wiring can be hazardous, and it’s not a good idea to use DIY tutorials to fix the problem. You may end up using the wrong type of wire or miscalculating the circuits, leading to more severe problems, let alone risking your health and safety. A level 2 electrician can efficiently resolve the wiring issue on your property. Whether it’s a single-phase or 3-phase power outlet, you can expect the best results.

Power Outlets are Warm or Emit Smoke

This goes even without saying. If you feel that your power outlets are alarmingly warm or hot and you notice smoke from the same outlet, it’s a sign that you need immediate attention from a local electrician. The problem is usually due to damaged connections or faulty grounds within the electrical system causing arcing.

Smoke-filled hot power outlets can cause a fire. Thus, before professional help arrives, we recommend you quickly turn off the circuit and unplug any plugged device. If the same signs persist, evacuate the house immediately. An emergency electrician should be able to reach your home in time and put the issue under control.

Sudden Buzzing Sounds

When an outlet is not grounded properly or the wire transferring voltage is above the level at which it’s rated, you may experience a humming noise of sudden buzzing sounds, which may cause fatal damages if not dealt with immediately.

It is important to note that it’s normal to experience humming sounds from electrical appliances like dryers and refrigerators. Unless the humming becomes a loud buzzing sound, there is no need for a local electrician. However, if you are unsure whether it’s a normal sound, make sure to trace the sound back to clear hearing.

Moisture Presence

If you accidentally spilled water or a drink on any power outlet, you will have issues with your electric systems.

Water and electricity don’t work well. While it’s easy to assume that the water will dry itself up, it will only worsen matters. When water is in the wiring, short circuits can occur, causing the wires to heat up, which can start an electrical fire.

A skilled electrician Sydney can assess your wiring to fix any damaged wires and make the necessary replacements before allowing you to use them. Also, if your house experiences leakages during heavy rainfall, make sure you schedule regular inspections.

Why wait for minor electrical issues to turn into significant problems? Watch out for these signs and stay ahead of the game. Also, If you need to hire a professional level 2 electrician for high-quality work, contact our team at AJB Electrical. We specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining electricity networks, and offer fast electric services in case of an emergency. Contact us today to know more!

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